Dear Northeast Region Scouters, 

The recent times through which we are going and continue to progress could never have been anticipated or imagined. The breadth and depth of it all have been remarkable.

Despite all of these challenges that have seriously impacted us, our families and Scouting, we have risen to extraordinary heights. We deserve to be enormously proud of these accomplishments and I sincerely hope that you feel that way. You have earned that opportunity.

The initial major event we encountered was the filing for bankruptcy of the National Council of the BSA. What this was and the meaning of it were so misunderstood by so many, Scouters and non-Scouters alike, that it all created enormous confusion. Even at this late date, its impact is unclear. Then we were forced to address the Covid-19 pandemic. All of this has now joined together in an attempt to overwhelm us, yet we have appropriately responded!

First and foremost for each of us was maintaining our health and that of our family members and friends. Depending upon our circumstances and location, this required far more diligence for some as opposed to others. Yet we all have succeeded.

Next, as we hunkered down, we attempted to keep our lives intact and that of our families. This entailed numerous adjustments and concessions in order to accommodate one another. This was not easy but we did endure.

We likewise devoted our attention to our responsibilities in Scouting hoping to keep it alive and functioning despite the new restrictions. By all accounts, we have done that so very well. We have witnessed virtual den, pack and troop meetings. Also provided have been virtual training and advancement opportunities including a myriad of merit badge offerings. A significant number of councils have held campfires from a distance that have witnessed huge participation. These activities are quite exciting and all to be praised.

So, it is clear that we have persevered and risen to the occasion. We as a people have done this successfully historically and Scouting has done likewise. We will prevail and Scouting will do the same. In fact, Scouting will not only survive these current challenges but emerge stronger and more vibrant than ever. It always has and always will. Thank you for your part in insuring that this outcome is guaranteed!

Scott Christensen

Regional President

Linda Baker

Regional Commissioner

Shane Calendine

Regional Director



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Scott R.Christensen  


Linda Baker, Ph.D.


Shane Calendine

Region Director

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