Scouts develop problem solving skills as they overcome challenges at High Adventure bases

2019 Adventures

Unforgettable adventures are part of the Scouting way of life. Because of you, our dedicated donors and volunteers, nearly 900,000 Scouts attended day camps and summer camps across the country in 2019.

At our high adventure bases in New Mexico, Minnesota, Florida, and West Virginia, Scouts camped, hiked, climbed, paddled, and sailed their way to collectively spending more than 5 million camping nights under the stars.

Outdoor adventure programs help Scouts develop problem solving skills and team work as they navigate difficult trails and persevere through Mother Nature's challenges.

The 24th World Scout Jamboree: How the world united in West Virginia

Scouts from more than 150 nations gathered at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia for the 24th World Scout Jamboree, making summer 2019 the first time in more than 50 years that the World Scout Jamboree had been held in North America. From July 22 to August 2, 2019, Scouts Canada, Scouts Mexico, and the Boy Scouts of America hosted the global, 12-day Scouting event, which brought together more than 40,000 youth and adults in a celebration of different cultures, shared values of Scouting, and of course, adventure.

Storytellers | Meet Corey & Weijing

One In 40,000 Odds

My mom was a bit hesitant to send me off for two weeks to the World Scout Jamboree. That quickly changed after she Googled her hometown newspaper in Gong Guan, Miao Li, Taiwan. She discovered there were 750 Scouts from Taiwan at the Summit and one of those Scouts was from her tiny hometown of Gong Guan. She couldn’t believe it and “encouraged” me to track that person down and find out more.

If you have never been to a Jamboree, it’s hard to describe what it’s like to have so many kids in one spot at one time. So, my odds were 1 in about 40,000 to find the Scout from my mom’s hometown, and that’s if everyone stood still!

Find out how Cory found Weijing in a sea of 40,000 Scouts.

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Because of you | Jim & Linda Ryffel

Because of you, Jim and Linda, thousands of Scouts each year experience the magic of Philmont Scout Ranch. Thank you for giving our youth the gift of outdoor adventure that teaches problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

“Linda and I believe Philmont is the greatest youth adventure out there. Leadership, courage, and perseverance are learned at every step on the trail. Kids help each other as a team — building relationships that will never be forgotten. The lessons learned on the trail mirror challenges faced in life. The Philmont experience builds the confidence young men and women will use throughout their lives to conquer future challenges.” – Jim Ryffel

The Ryffels are dedicated Scouting philanthropists. Jim is a Distinguished Eagle Scout, BSA Foundation Trustee, Chairman of the Philmont Ranch Committee, and Second Century Society member.

Summit Bechtel Reserve

Scouting in Glen Jean, West Virginia

Situated in the wilds of West Virginia, The Summit is a training, Scouting, and adventure center for the millions of youth and adults involved in the Boy Scouts of America and anyone who loves the outdoors. The Summit Bechtel Reserve is also home to the National Scout Jamboree and the Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base.

The 24th World Scout Jamboree

At The Summit Bechtel Reserve

In 2019, the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia hosted the World Organization of the Scout Movement's (WSOM) 24th World Scout Jamboree. 40,000 Scouts and volunteers from over 150 countries zip-lined, white-water rafted and forged friendship that cross borders.

Scouts at the Jamboree got their hands on virtual reality technology, spoke with astronauts aboard the International Space Station, launched scientific balloons, and worked on computer networking and cyber security. Some of those activities were held in the new Rex W. Tillerson Leadership Center, which was dedicated during the Jamboree. 

Read all about it and check out the drone show at the opening ceremony. Hear reviews from people around the world! 

Philmont Scout Ranch

Colfax County, New Mexico

Philmont Scout Ranch reopened in 2019 following the devastating 2018 Ute Park Fire that ravaged almost 37,000 acres of wilderness on and around BSA's iconic high adventure base in Cimarron, New Mexico. Hundreds of Scouts, Venturers, and volunteers rallied to reforest mountainsides, stabilize slopes, and masticate forests so the trails could reopen. Thanks to more than 71,000 hours of service provided by our very own Scouting family, Philmont welcomed more than 24,000 campers in 2019, making it the high adventure bases largest summer ever.  

Philmont Scout Ranch offers programs that feature the best of the Old West with exciting challenges for today. It’s an unbeatable recipe for fast-paced fun in the outdoors. Throughout its existence, conscientious attention to low-impact camping techniques and diligent wildlife and forestry conservation work has helped maintain Philmont’s wilderness. 


Camping at Philmont just got an upgrade

The Philmont Scout Ranch experience you love just got an upgrade! With its new Deluxe Tents — complete with a queen bed with premium linens, electricity and ceiling fan, and covered porch with cozy chairs — the Philmont is broadening the appeal of its world-class conferences and Family Adventure Camp like never before.

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Florida Sea Base

Florida Keys, Florida

Sea Base is a unique Scouting program that offers aquatics programs found nowhere else. Whether your interests lie in sailing, scuba diving, rustic camping on an undeveloped barrier island, fishing or a combination of all, this is the place for your Troop, Team, Crew, Sea Ship or Explorer Post. Sea Base serves around 16,000 participants annually.

Scouts are restoring the reefs

The Florida Sea Base coral restoration program ”dipped its toes in the water” and planted 738 corals in November and December 2019. This effort is part of NOAA’s unprecedented goal to restore 7 iconic reefs on the Florida Keys reef tract to 25% or more coral coverage.

As part of Sea Base STEM programs, Scouts participate in growing, caring for and planting corals. The Sea Base coral nursery utilizes a process pioneered by MOTE which fragments coral to speed their growth 40x faster than in the wild.

The plan is that 12 raceways in the Sea Base coral nursery will grow 10,000 corals each year. Those corals will be planted on the reef by Scouts and staff; restoring acres of the reef, creating jobs and protecting shorelines along the Florida coast.

Learn all about Sea Base aquatic adventures here.

Northern Tier 

Northern Minnesota, Northwest Ontario

Northern Tier is the Boy Scouts of America’s gateway to adventure in the Great Northwoods and the Boundary Waters. In the summer, Scouts from Northern Tier’s three wilderness canoe bases explore millions of acres of pristine lakes, meandering rivers, dense forests and wetlands in Northern Minnesota, Northwest Ontario and Northeast Manitoba.